Tuesday, 5 April 2011

a story of my life (because i want to write, but don't have anything to write on)

well, where do i begin? i was born i medicine hat, and, before i was born, i was pre-adopted. so, two days after i was born, i was handed over to Lorraine and Richard Cullis. after they picked me up from the hospital, they went to Pizza Hut for dinner (and i have never been to Pizza Hut since.). we lived in Calgary for a year, while mom ran a daycare and dad was a principal. after Calgary came Plamondon. we were there until i was four. but, just before we moved, we added onto the family (as if i wasn't enough)and-lo and behold-we got Jayda, a little African-American new born girl with one flaw. she was VERY sick, and i mean sick. With a disease that only occurs in 1 in every 500, 000 people, which had scientists flown from every part of Canada and the U.S.A. to study her. she was nearly dead, when a miracle happened, and she recovered so well, the doctors claimed she never even had it, although there was clear evidence that she had had it before. Anyway, back to my story. after Plamondon we moved to this tiny place called Uliac Beach in northern Alberta, where i lived in a mobile home, found my first cat, bought a border collie and named him Rex, started school, my cat (named Nemo) had kittens, gave one of the 3 remaining kittens to my friend Sianna (one died under my bed and we didn't find it until we moved again, two years later), named the kittens Rosie (i still have her to this day), Ginger (got ran over by a car when she was two, sadly) and Smokey (the one i gave away). i moved to Raymond just after after i was baptized, where i started 3rd grade. Jayda befriended a brat, caught on, and gave everyone except our parents (she acted like an angel around them) a lot of attitude. (she still is giving me attitude)
   Wow, did i ever get off topic. after Raymond came Pincher Creek where i joined a baseball team that won gold in the district tournaments, went to my first girls camp with the girls from my ward and had a room that made up a whole floor in our house (it was the top floor and it had a balcony (smiley face!!!!!:)) and that concludes my summary of my life in Pincher Creek. after that, it was on to Saltspring Island where i lived on a boat, went to my first dance, danced with the guy i have a crush on, am about to go on a trip to san francisco and there is a western dance coming up in 2 weeks and i dare you to say this sentence in one breath. and thus concludes the summary of my life.

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