Saturday, 4 June 2011

what happened today

yesterday i went to a sleepover and we played truth or dare, and... they found out. i really didn't want to answer when they "truthed" me to tell if i had kissed a guy. maybe that would have been a good time to practice acting, but, stupid as i am, i ducked down to avoid answering and whimpered. (earlier i had been dared to make animal noises so when i whimpered, Keeshana asked "what animal was that?" my response; "i don't know, but it's endangered.:(" so... yeah.) i was freaked out. i didn't know what to do.(a first, since i almost always have at least one idea on what to do) i was thinking; "oh, gosh! this is bad!" but, of course, since i had to answer truthfully, i admitted. (sorry, "patty"!) (you know who you are)
anyway, i was going to work on a project with a friend at his house, but he was to tired to have anyone over yesterday, and his little brother had a sleepover  the next day, Keeshana was dared to draw all over my face, and i had to go the whole day with it on my face. i was trying to act as the tough, careless older sister at my sister's ballet dress rehursal with drawings that look kind of like war paint, with a girly design on my left temple. try being cool with a face like that. not easy, even for a great actress like me. currently, i am watching the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals (Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins ) score; Vancouver: 1 Boston: 2. at least the Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup, and the Oilers didn't. in case you were wondering, the Oilers are the team that my friend's friend supports. all well, sucks 2 B u Rory, when the Canucks win the Cup and are on to the Winter Olympics. i will never let him live it down!!!!!! >:) (evil smiley face!) (never mind.)
anyway, Kevin Bieska just got hurt. not good.
okay... new update.................................................................................
WE WON!!! eleven seconds into overtime by Burrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!1