Wednesday, 4 May 2011


and, boy, am i excited. but, i forgot 2 tell you about youth conference. it was a blast. i beat my record at number of boys i danced with. at my 1st dance, 3 guys. 2nd dance, 3 guys. 3rd dance, 6 GUYS!!! and the latest dance, one guy, and that was only because i found his shoe. i would have danced with two guys, but the one who really wanted to dance with me got asked by a girl before he could get to me. i think that's really nice, especially after the dance he gave me a daffodil from the vase on the table where we were sitting at. i have kept the flower, but now it's all dried up:( . he said something i will never forget as we were staring at the flower. it was a comment on the flower, but it was more directed at me than anything else. he said: "the cool thing about this flower is that it doesn't have to try to be pretty, it just is." meaning that he was saying i don't have to do anything about myself to make me pretty, because i already are pretty. now you are probably think i am not being realistic, right? but, it makes perfect sense when i add on my own comment before his. i said "i wish i could be like this flower, you know, pretty, and flawless." well, now it makes sense, doesn't it?
any way, on to san francisco. i will be eating at the hard rock cafe, and i will be spending a whole day in santa cruz. (yipee!) and i will be preforming a solo (fireflies by owl city) at the golden gate park (and in various elementary schools.) and i will be seeing a CATS performance (more luck!!!) and, boy i can't wait! i'll update you guys when i get back next week.

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  1. What about seeing your big sister? Doesn't that go on the list? I need to know where you are singing your solo so I can come to that performance. I know I won't get to see you for long but I am still excited. You'll love San Francisco and then you'll want to come back just to visit me :)