Sunday, 26 February 2012

still keeping records

yes, as you probably noticed, i keep track of the number of guys ask me to dance. i'm starting a new count; how many guys I ask to dance. yup! i'm finally getting some courage. asked two guys to dance on friday and had a great time! count: asked me: 24. i asked: 3. 
i'm still working on the numbers... \ : /
for the first time, my room is starting to look like my personality. i have Canucks posters all over one wall, with two on another (no space!) two paintings, a bunch of drawings, a test with a 97% in astronomy (one more right answer and i'd have tied for top student in the class. :(  ), and a shelf half full of books. and i have a queen size bed!!!! this practically screams me!! 
oh, did i mention i pick up seaweed from the shore to feed the chickens?

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