Monday, 25 April 2011

science conference

the science conference was a blast. i was able to listen to some lectures on biodiversity and i was able to take my own DNA sample (and i don't think carrying it around in your purse is normal) and, during a game of truth or dare (this was totally a dare) a boy had to kiss my cheek. and, although i was soooo against it, a dare's a dare, and he did it. i still don't think i got all the germs off my cheek.
on another note, youth conference was this weekend, and there were two dances, one every night. the first one i danced with six guys (one of whom i like and another was a good friend) and the other one i danced with one guy (my crush) and that was only because i got his shoe. (boys were to take off one shoe and put it in the middle of the dance floor and the girls grab a shoe and whoever it belongs to, that's who you dance with, so i got to dance with my crush.) i picked up a sneaker thinking; good, a sneaker. cool boys wear sneakers. wait this is ______'s shoe. oh, great. :) happy me. after the dance i was staring at a daffodil that was in a vase on the table i was sitting at and my friend came and sat down next to me and said "the cool thing about this flower is that it doesn't have to try to be pretty." right before megan came and said we had to go. my friend (i will exclude from saying HIS name in the unlikely event HE should read it and yes, he's a boy.) pulled the flower out of the vase and handed it to me with a smile that was clear evidence that he liked me. and now i'm getting mixed emotions because i like the-guy-who's-name-i-blanked-out, but i also like another guy from my class, but now i'm developing feelings for my friend that are sort of strange, like, not a crush type feeling, but a weird sensation that with every fiber in your body wants to just stay friends, but you know, deep inside you, that you really want to be more than just friends. it's weird.

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  1. Hehe. Oh boys. Why do they have to be so confusing. Trust me on this, the best guy you could hope to be with is your best friend. When all is said and done, being friends holds strong. I can't believe you got kissed on the cheek! Awww. Your first half kiss. You better tell those truth/dare groups that your lips are off limits until you are 16 and it is a boy you really like :) Love ya sis!