Tuesday, 12 April 2011

i can't manage my time!!!!!

for some reason, all of my engagements have overlapped. my science conference (Thursday all day) is on the same day as my first coast guard meeting (Thursday night), and i will miss the first session of my youth conference (Thursday night). i am so overbooked!!!!! how could i miss that i had the coast guard on the same night that i had the science conference when i had been planning for it for way longer than i had the coast guard meeting. it sucks!!!! i want to go to all three, but they overlap so i can't do it all =(

quick test, can you say all of the shows i can possibly think of (listed below) in one breath? i can ('t). can you?

iCarly How to be Indie Splatalot Hannah Montana Jonas Wizards of Waverly Place Cory in the House the Suite life of Zack and Cody the Suite life on Deck Sonny with a Chance Shake it up Phinias and Ferb Big Time Rush VicTORIous Spongebob Squarepants Fairly Odd Parents Scaredy Squirrel Almost Naked Animals Penguins of Madagascar Bayblade Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh Monsterology Monster buster Club Prank Patrol Sabrina the Teenage Witch Everybody Hates Chris Malcom in the Middle Viva Piñata Barenstein Bears Willa's Wild life Ruby Gloom Roly Poly Olie Erky Perky George Shrinks Pound Puppies Paid Programming

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