Friday, 18 November 2011


pretty soon, i will be an aunt. a real life, honest-to-goodness sister of a mother. now that thought will occupy my thoughts for awhile. plus, we will be moving. again. to a Chicken Farm. yup. three quarters of an acre with a house with FOUR regular bedrooms, a huge master bedroom, a living room, a recreational room, a kitchen (duh.) and a very nice bathroom that is actually able to prevail through a shower (the plumbing in the cabin all messed up. so far I've had to satisfy myself with...baths. it's just like bathing in your own sweat and grime. ugh.).
and a chicken coop! with about fifteen scruffy chickens, four cockatiels, and two budgies. and Jayda gets the latter six birds. that is an injustice. the budgies are sooo cute! one is bright blue and the other is lime green. i wanted to name them Blue and Lime. but Jayda will probably name them something stupid. she's no good with names. when i am.she rejected my idea for her fish to be named Keiko (meaning lucky in Japanese) and named the darn thing Sam. it looks exotic (like a peacock!) but she chooses a name she has  heard in a story about a dog.
plus, Ammon is mad at me for not returning is emails which i never got. that is also an injustice. so he didn't friend me on facebook. and that ticks me off.
anyway, that's all the news from me!