Wednesday, 30 March 2011

dolphin slaughter

the dolphin slaughter in japan is getting out of control. and petitions aren't going to do anything, no matter how many names are on it, unless it it from their own people. and the people of japan aren't doing anything about it. it actually seems they are okay with the slaughter of creatures almost as intelligent, and way less barbaric. and that's exactly what they are doing. acting like barbarians. they kill helpless creatures that have done nothing wrong to them. they are violating the laws of nature. you kill to eat. you don't kill for enjoyment. it is not a sport, although some people (and it is not just japan, some of our own citizens are doing it, i am sad to say) think killing is a joke. but it's not. it is a sick crime. the only way to stop japan killing dolphins is to move them out of harm's deadly reach. meaning transport as many as possible to another part of the globe. it will cost many millions of dollars to do so, but small contributions can do wonders. and what we do today changes tomorrow. maybe someday we can look forward to a clean, happy tomorrow, with no unnecessary kills or harms, and that we can all live (i know this sounds totally 60s, but it's true) in peace.