Monday, 25 April 2011

science conference

the science conference was a blast. i was able to listen to some lectures on biodiversity and i was able to take my own DNA sample (and i don't think carrying it around in your purse is normal) and, during a game of truth or dare (this was totally a dare) a boy had to kiss my cheek. and, although i was soooo against it, a dare's a dare, and he did it. i still don't think i got all the germs off my cheek.
on another note, youth conference was this weekend, and there were two dances, one every night. the first one i danced with six guys (one of whom i like and another was a good friend) and the other one i danced with one guy (my crush) and that was only because i got his shoe. (boys were to take off one shoe and put it in the middle of the dance floor and the girls grab a shoe and whoever it belongs to, that's who you dance with, so i got to dance with my crush.) i picked up a sneaker thinking; good, a sneaker. cool boys wear sneakers. wait this is ______'s shoe. oh, great. :) happy me. after the dance i was staring at a daffodil that was in a vase on the table i was sitting at and my friend came and sat down next to me and said "the cool thing about this flower is that it doesn't have to try to be pretty." right before megan came and said we had to go. my friend (i will exclude from saying HIS name in the unlikely event HE should read it and yes, he's a boy.) pulled the flower out of the vase and handed it to me with a smile that was clear evidence that he liked me. and now i'm getting mixed emotions because i like the-guy-who's-name-i-blanked-out, but i also like another guy from my class, but now i'm developing feelings for my friend that are sort of strange, like, not a crush type feeling, but a weird sensation that with every fiber in your body wants to just stay friends, but you know, deep inside you, that you really want to be more than just friends. it's weird.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

i can't manage my time!!!!!

for some reason, all of my engagements have overlapped. my science conference (Thursday all day) is on the same day as my first coast guard meeting (Thursday night), and i will miss the first session of my youth conference (Thursday night). i am so overbooked!!!!! how could i miss that i had the coast guard on the same night that i had the science conference when i had been planning for it for way longer than i had the coast guard meeting. it sucks!!!! i want to go to all three, but they overlap so i can't do it all =(

quick test, can you say all of the shows i can possibly think of (listed below) in one breath? i can ('t). can you?

iCarly How to be Indie Splatalot Hannah Montana Jonas Wizards of Waverly Place Cory in the House the Suite life of Zack and Cody the Suite life on Deck Sonny with a Chance Shake it up Phinias and Ferb Big Time Rush VicTORIous Spongebob Squarepants Fairly Odd Parents Scaredy Squirrel Almost Naked Animals Penguins of Madagascar Bayblade Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh Monsterology Monster buster Club Prank Patrol Sabrina the Teenage Witch Everybody Hates Chris Malcom in the Middle Viva PiƱata Barenstein Bears Willa's Wild life Ruby Gloom Roly Poly Olie Erky Perky George Shrinks Pound Puppies Paid Programming

Friday, 8 April 2011

my not-so-new interest

i am absolutely insane about Harry Potter. i know almost everything about it, and have read every book at least five times each. my favorite book is the Deathly Hallows, and my favorite movie is the Chamber of Secrets. i am absolutely going insane. i can't wait until the middle of July to see Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and if i have to wait, i'm going to E-X-P-L-O-D-E!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL BE TORTURE!!!!!!
on second thought, IT IS TORTURE!!!! =(   (EXTREME SAD FACE) is there anyone else out there that is waiting for the second part of the Deathly Hallows? because i think that it should come out about this time instead of in six months from the debut of the first part, because people would have forgotten what happened in the first half of the movie!!!! (i think that sucks) only if they read the book (which i am currently reading for the tenth time) would they remember the first part of the movie (except for the fact that the movies are always different from the books and thats what makes them always cool to watch even if you've read the books a zillion times). so, my point being, that they should bring the second part out about four months after the first one is shown in theaters, that gives people enough time to see the first one all they want, then they can see the second one and everyone's happy.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

dad just told me and i start on Thursday!! (well, he told me a few hours ago)
on my last blog, i said i was obsessed with killer whales, well, now i am watching Free Willy 2: the adventure home. before, i watched Free Willy, Free Willy 3: the rescue. i love killer whales!!!! especially Keiko, the whale who played Willy. i'm really sad that Keiko died in 2002. it was really upsetting. he was so cool. there is a neat marking where he was buried. i think that is so cool. anyway, i am still obsessed with killer whales and love anything to do with them.

killer whales

i am doing a project on killer whales for science and i might be able to go on a whale watch tour and see the magnificent creatures for my self. i am also doing a 1 minute blurb on killer whales for an assembly in two weeks. i love killer whales!!! did you know, that their original name meant "demon dolphin"? interesting. anyway, got 2 go!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

daddy's doing a bike workshop!

that's right! dad is teaching the kids from MY SEEC about bikes and teaching them how to fix their bikes so we can be all ready for the biking trip next Wednesday, where we're going to Beddis Beach for the day. so far, he has taught my class about how to adjust their seat, and how to take care of their chains. it was very fun for me because i got to help my class mates with their bikes, and, after the workshop, i helped the kids lift their bikes up the stairs (i especially liked that part, because i got to show off my 'immense' strength : ) before the other class came in for their turn on the workshop.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

a story of my life (because i want to write, but don't have anything to write on)

well, where do i begin? i was born i medicine hat, and, before i was born, i was pre-adopted. so, two days after i was born, i was handed over to Lorraine and Richard Cullis. after they picked me up from the hospital, they went to Pizza Hut for dinner (and i have never been to Pizza Hut since.). we lived in Calgary for a year, while mom ran a daycare and dad was a principal. after Calgary came Plamondon. we were there until i was four. but, just before we moved, we added onto the family (as if i wasn't enough)and-lo and behold-we got Jayda, a little African-American new born girl with one flaw. she was VERY sick, and i mean sick. With a disease that only occurs in 1 in every 500, 000 people, which had scientists flown from every part of Canada and the U.S.A. to study her. she was nearly dead, when a miracle happened, and she recovered so well, the doctors claimed she never even had it, although there was clear evidence that she had had it before. Anyway, back to my story. after Plamondon we moved to this tiny place called Uliac Beach in northern Alberta, where i lived in a mobile home, found my first cat, bought a border collie and named him Rex, started school, my cat (named Nemo) had kittens, gave one of the 3 remaining kittens to my friend Sianna (one died under my bed and we didn't find it until we moved again, two years later), named the kittens Rosie (i still have her to this day), Ginger (got ran over by a car when she was two, sadly) and Smokey (the one i gave away). i moved to Raymond just after after i was baptized, where i started 3rd grade. Jayda befriended a brat, caught on, and gave everyone except our parents (she acted like an angel around them) a lot of attitude. (she still is giving me attitude)
   Wow, did i ever get off topic. after Raymond came Pincher Creek where i joined a baseball team that won gold in the district tournaments, went to my first girls camp with the girls from my ward and had a room that made up a whole floor in our house (it was the top floor and it had a balcony (smiley face!!!!!:)) and that concludes my summary of my life in Pincher Creek. after that, it was on to Saltspring Island where i lived on a boat, went to my first dance, danced with the guy i have a crush on, am about to go on a trip to san francisco and there is a western dance coming up in 2 weeks and i dare you to say this sentence in one breath. and thus concludes the summary of my life.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


my sister, amy, and her husband sean, did the prank of the century. sean made it seem as though amy was pregnant with triplets! he totally freaked us out. he even had an ultra-scan picture to go along with it. his family immediately smelled a rat, and didn't believe it. us, on the other hand, believed every single detail.
i still feel used.
anyway, turns out, it was sean's sick idea of a joke. i was, above everyone, the most freaked out out of all the house-hold. i was (i am willing to admit) literally bouncing off the walls and screaming my lungs out. i hope your happy, sean. 'cuz i'm not, that's for dang sure.
Sean and Amy: :) Me: :( (get the picture?) i hope you do.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

27 days and counting

in about 27 days i will be headed to san fransisco!!!! (with my school choir and bands). my late teacher, Mr. Creswick, had been planning to go with us, but died suddenly. :(